Online Car Buying Just Got A Lot Easier


Begin your new car research by logging on to Glue yourself to this web site for 48 hours. Just kidding, but do take your time and use all of this wonderful free information. You can get vehicle reviews and pictures along with up to date and accurate pricing. You can also get quotes from local dealerships by putting in your zip code and the mileage you wish to drive to the dealership.The home page also has the top 10 cars of the month and many links to informative newsletters.

The links on this site consist of new cars, use cars, certified used cars, tips and advice, vehicle reviews, insurance and financing and forums. You can browse by category (SUV, sedan, hybrid etc.) or you can select the make model and trim line of a specific vehicle. You can also let Edmunds help you decide by clicking on their top recommendations. You will also have access to the True market value report (TMV). This gives you the vehicle price with options and all available rebates and incentives.

By submitting your ZIP code you can find out what other people in your area are paying for the vehicle. This gives you tremendous leverage at the dealership. Walk into the dealership with a swagger in your step and a confident look on your face because with the information that Edmunds has to offer you will be knowledgeable about the vehicle you've chosen including packages and options. Also worth a look is Car and Driver Car and Driver's web site is packed with information on all makes and models, complete with reviews and objective vehicle road tests. They offer a complete buying guide, photos and vehicle news.

Check out their latest virtual tours featuring vehicles from Cadillac, Ford, Chevy and Buick. Consumer Reports is also a good place to start Consumers may be one of the best sources. They have reviewed everything from vacuum cleaners to cell phones. The web site is a subscription site so doing research will cost you, but the information you get will really help you when it's time to negotiate.  Don't trade in your vehicle...see if you can get cash for your car irvine and get more than the dealers is willing to give you.

For $14 you can get Consumer's new car price report report for a specific make, model and trimline. It will explain all about the vehicle and its options but most importantly it will give you the bottom-line price. What does this mean? The manufacturer sometimes makes payments to the dealer in the form of holdbacks and incentives, which are not always passed along to the customer. The new-car price report gives you this information so you can start by bargaining up from that bottom line price. So what is the invoice price then? The invoice price is readily available to customers these days. This is the price that the dealer pays the manufacturer for the vehicle but does not include any of the holdbacks and incentives.

Don't be fooled by the invoice price. The report can be mailed, faxed or you can get it online instantly. Each report is $14 and each additional report is only $12. This information is highly recommended. You can also log on to the manufacturers web sites

You can design your desired vehicle using their design centers. It is a good way to get a look at your vehicle without leaving the house. Some people think of the car salesman as a shark. Remember the movie Jaws? The shark was described as having black lifeless eyes, like a doll's eyes. You didn't know if it was living until it bit you. Well the information in this web site can help prevent you from being bitten. So start your new car research, and good luck!

Don’t Be Blind To The Reality Of Credit Card Identity Theft

credit card with chipThere are many ways that credit card identity theft can be conducted. It can be through the obtaining of your personal information and then making a purchase with your credit card, obtain tax returns illegally or making claims.

The problem is most people would rather bury their heads in the sand when it comes to credit card identity theft. Your credit card contains a great deal of personal information and once you become victim of credit card identity theft or online identity fraud then you never really stop. The consequences are that you will be billed and you can even be fined or spend a prison sentence, unless you can prove otherwise, which can be quite difficult.

Can Identity Theft Be Erradicated?

The point in solving the problem is that people need to be more cautious about the use of their credit cards in store and online. Do not assume that everything is safe. Most credit card identity theft seems to occur in gas stations and that is the worrying trend, as these are places that people often use on a daily basis. However because of this they also make an easy target for people who either want to make a quick buck or just want to fund some criminal activity.

Credit Card Identity Theft Is Not Only Rife In The Virtual Domain

 It is clear then that credit card identity theft does not only happen in the online market. What this has lead to is people preferring to have cash more than having to risk using their credit cards. The credit card identity theft and identity theft in general is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. With globalization comes this and you should always be prepared to protect yourself. The worst thing about credit card identity theft is that you will not know about it until it is too late and by then you have to prove that you are who you say you are. It is the expansion of in use of the stolen identity that is worrying authorities.


People can now forge some advanced documents that will make them claim to be someone that they are not. They can then explore many different avenues in which to exploit the system. Never underestimate a determined and desperate mind as it might come up with some genius but criminal way of making money.

Always invest in software and machines like a shredder that will make it easier for you to dispose of letter or items that contain your personal information. And always double check sources to ensure that they are who they say they are.

There are many ways that a criminal can steal from others.  Some of those ways include robbing an individual of the cash or personal possessions they are carrying, stealing a vehicle, entering an individual’s home and stealing items, etc.  However, recently stealing from another has taken on a whole new dimension.

Understanding Criminal Identity Theft

There is no doubt about it, stealing someone’s identity is a crime and one that needs to have punishment given out for. But criminal identity theft is often done for so many different reasons. While it may not matter why they did it when it comes to breaking the law, why a person may chose ...Crimes Resulting From Identity Theft And Fraud - Identity Fraud - Reports of identity theft and fraud top the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) list of consumer fraud complaints this year and have every year since 2000.